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Orders Temporarily Closed

Getting a full time job is good but keeps me busy from 9 to 18, and finishing orders on time gets harder. That’s why I decided to close orders until I’m done with the ones I have on my sidebar, which will be soon I hope!

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Orders Closed

I had to close orders so I can finish working on current orders, the ones that came in the past weeks, and also study hard for finals in the following weeks.

I don’t think they’ll be closed for a long time, but I just need to wrap these orders before more come in.

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Hello whoever is reading this! Here’s a quick PSA for those who sent in orders and those whose orders I’m working on: I am working on your orders, I got them and all, but it may take some time due family issues. The full text is below the cut if you want to know more, but be advised it could be a bit triggery. So, please, please keep that in mind.

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Happy 2017!

Happy New Year! I’m trying my best to deliver all my pending orders and open them again ASAP! It took me quite some time to get back on track, but I am now and I am spending the next weeks updating my portfolio and wrap the rest of the orders. I missed designing and updating really bad!

As you can see, I have shaken up a little bit the rusty side bar, updated my onliners and separated them into categories to make browsing easier for you.

I hope you like this new theme as much as I do :D

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Orders are closed!

I am really sad I have to close orders but Iwork is consuming me and I really don’t want to keep accepting orders just to pile them up. I am working on three orders at the same time right now so I can move to the next ones as quick as possible.

I will open them as soon as possible!

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Follow Margos on Twitter!

It took me almost three years but I finally made a Twitter account for the site! Be sure to follow me on that account since my personal one has been locked down only for mutuals.

Over there you’ll be able to end in your inquiry, see what I’m working on, know other onliners and get a special discount!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.57.09

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