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Orders are closed!

I am really sad I have to close orders but Iwork is consuming me and I really don’t want to keep accepting orders just to pile them up. I am working on three orders at the same time right now so I can move to the next ones as quick as possible.

I will open them as soon as possible!

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Follow Margos on Twitter!

It took me almost three years but I finally made a Twitter account for the site! Be sure to follow me on that account since my personal one has been locked down only for mutuals.

Over there you’ll be able to end in your inquiry, see what I’m working on, know other onliners and get a special discount!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.57.09

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Hang in there, buddy!

Just a friendly reminder I am coding as fast as I can during the day and part of the night. I try to sleep at night since I am not productive at all when the sun goes down.

So, thanks for your patience and bearing with me. This past week with no platform to test the coding or anything will keep me super busy during this week, but the orders will be sent before Friday, I’m super positive :)

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Margos is back!

Thank you so much to my new host Flaunt for transferring the website and portfolio!!! If you follow me on Twitter you may know this but if you don’t and you have your order still pending, because of the delay I am giving 20% off every order that’s still pending.

In the following days I’ll be updating the onliners list because some of them shut down or changed their urls, and completing orders.

It’s great to be back!


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I’m Back!


Orders are back opened!

I totally forgot to open them and got so sucked in by RL (and the sims) that I didn’t really feel like doing so. I did need some holidays for myself.

I’m gonna be revamping the whole portfolio (yeah I always say I will and I always end with a pile of stuff to do for my fan-site over my head), and I will update the premades section (probably remove it since I am not a premades person at all.).

As usual, if you want to send your order feel free to do it while I taste the last traces of New York City in my Instagram. Cheers!

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Orders are closed!

First of all, Happy Holidays to whoever is reading this! Happy 2015!

This girl is going to New York City next Tuesday! I am forced to close my orders until I come back from my trip (February 1st!!!!), so if you sent your order until yesterday, do not fret my friend, it has been accepted and I’m working on it. If you send it from today until February 1st, I am really sorry I can’t accept your order until I come back. I do not want to make you wait for a bazillion years, yet if you want to wait let me know once I reply to your e-mail.

Wish me luck, I’m visiting again the city of my dreams!


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