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New Onliner: Phoebe Tonkin Web

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Posted by Mari on May 28th, 2015 under Portfolio

I updated my portfolio with previews of my latest onliner: Phoebe Tonkin Web ( ❤️ ). You can see them on my gallery clicking here, or live (which I highly recommend) by clicking the previews down there.


I tweeted about this yesterday but since I am updating my portfolio I’ll do it right here. In my terms I specified I accept as payment either money or image accounts/logins, but since my balance is pretty much useless these days and I can’t buy any items on line (such as phone skins, makeup, etc) I am really open to accept images, tricks or logins.

Please, keep in mind I do not work for free for now. Maybe one day I’ll give away some themes, but right now I am not doing it simply because it’s not fair to me and I don’t either sell the orders at credit.

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