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New onliners

The last two weeks have been super crazy for me, with my cat running away but then coming back and moving back to my winter house and yada yada yada, I had so little time to update or make a new theme for my blog, and I haven’t even been able to finish my gallery theme. But tha bright side is that I’ve been working on orders by Ana from Vanessa Kirby Fan and Lily Allen Fans and Sarah from Emilie de Ravin Fans.

You can check the previews on my portfolio or see them live from the websites down here which I highly recommend, as usual, because you can chech the cool animations they have, etc.

Vanessa Kirby Fan Gallery


Lily Allen Fans Gallery


Emilie de Ravin Fans


Emilie de Ravin Fans Gallery


Also, a new theme here means a new discount, and this time you’ll get 10% off for Package #3 (Coppermine Theme)!

Orders are still open but it may take me some time to accept new orders since I need to catch up on Dan Radcliffe for my fansite and finish the gallery theme for once.

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