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Orders temporary closed

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Posted by Mari on October 18th, 2014 under Personal, Web

PLEASE NOTICE: if you ordered from me before and you want to do it again feel free to contact me using the form or a blank e-mail since you must have it somewhere in your inbox. 

Gmail has been acting weird, not sending out or actually delivering my e-mails, so I had to close orders while I revamp the whole order forms, website and all.

This is so annoying, I have already lost two orders because of silly Gmail and the worst is I did answer on time, but the messages never arrived. It is not the first time that’s been happening to me, and last night I deleted 20k e-mails from Tumblr fearing that may be the cause, but alas it’s Gmail’s gross way of working. UGH.

So, yeah, orders are temporary closed. If you haven’t ordered before and want to order, feel free to contact me if you want, I’ll try my best to reach out to you.

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