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Hello whoever is reading this! Here’s a quick PSA for those who sent in orders and those whose orders I’m working on: I am working on your orders, I got them and all, but it may take some time due family issues. The full text is below the cut if you want to know more, but be advised it could be a bit triggery. So, please, please keep that in mind.

On Sunday night my mom unexpectedly passed away at home. I live in a city 5 hours away from her and my dad, so my sister and I had to travel back home to help my father and family to get back on track.

It’s been 3 difficult days and while we’re dealing with her sudden passing it’s still a hard process. I am currently in my hometown, helping my dad and sis (more like we’re all helping each other) and I’m not sure how long I will be here. Family from all around the world (literally) are stopping by to say goodbye to her and mourn together. So between mourning, getting it together, helping other family members and helping at home I have little time to work on orders.

In a way creating and coding helps me to unplug a little bit, but the amount of time I currently have is limited.

So, I am indeed working on the orders, it’s just I’m doing it in a very slow pace. If you want to cancel your order because you need it done in a matter of days, feel free to do it. No harsh feelings.

Now, I’m heading back to work but I felt like if you were to order for me you should know I am currently going through this and my priority are my dad and sister.


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