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Quick update!

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Posted by Mari on August 13th, 2014 under Personal

This past month and until today I have been busy, which is crazy and silly because every single thing I had to do has surprisingly been rushed to this last week.

Just yesterday I opened an exhibition in a very prestigious photography festival because I won my place in a contest, so I’ve been busy and worrying my ass off over this contest but fortunately everything turned out great and my picture looks amazing in its place hanging next to the other winners’ pieces.

I have been also given the chance by the amazing producers of What If (GO WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!) in Latin America to help spread the word about the release in here and also regarding Daniel Radcliffe’s visit to Mexico  as well. It’s been super hectic, and now that the movie is close to the official releases in each Latin American country I am starting to feel nostalgic of those first days in which I went nuts over this. I think I’m gonna miss it and I hope I can be this helpful again…

And because Daniel’s been attending premiers, photo calls, press conferences, TV shows and making photoshoots here and there I haven’t had time to really sit down and update here, until this weekend that I managed to finally finish one of my current three orders.

I still have like 50 pictures of Daniel left to tag and I do that manually, and I also have to update my fan-site since yesterday I dedicated myself to finish one of the orders and the festival.

Anyway, this was just a quick update to loosely let you know I am not ignoring your orders, it just takes me some time to answer because I am finishing other orders or updating my fan-site.

But other than that, if you’re patient and have time to bear with me, send in your order :P

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