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Regarding Hollywood Bar (FSO Hostees only!)

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Posted by Mari on December 5th, 2013 under Personal, Web

The past week Gertie has been working along with other hostees to fix all kinds of bugs regarding the Hollywood bars that are mandatory since this November in all pages of fansites and personal websites and just today the codes to the bars have been released and I thought I should let you know how I am going to work with them, so if you’re not hosted by FSO you can ignore this post.

Since the bar is mandatory and the FSO team worked hard to make it appealable giving us different choices of colors and positions I want you to know that from now on every single theme you request (wordpress, coppermine, iconsort) will feature the bar with no exception and the position and color will be chosen regarding the design which means I will choose it. In case I made your theme a while ago (previous orders from today on) and you feel like the position and color of the bar don’t fit your theme contact me before making any changes to the header and I’ll help you for free.

Also, this whole topic has been going on for almost two weeks now and I want to apologize the orders that have been sent during those weeks. I have been working on the design area with caution since I had no idea what was going to turn out this whole thing.

Now, back to coding!

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