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If you want to order a theme or buy a premade theme please make sure to read these before doing to prevent any kind of issues.

  • The only two kind of payments I accept is either money through Paypal or image accounts (feel free to contact me to check the ones I am currently accepting).
  • Once I receive the order I will start working on it. It won’t take me more than a week to send you the preview so please do not e-mail me asking me for the status of your order. If it takes more than two weeks I’ll let you know, if I don’t feel free to contact me.
  • When I send you the preview you’ll be able to pay me. If I don’t hear back from you after a week I will offer the theme as a premade.
  • Coupons only apply once per user and website each season.
  • The images you want me to use on your design shouldn’t be from Google Images. Preferably I like to work with HQ pictures but I also accept MQ pics with acceptable quality that fits the size of your graphic.
  • To prevent any kind of issues, please specify everything you want and check twice for typos and what you want before sending the request.
  • In case you cancel your request and it’s already finished it will be offered as a premade here.
  • Once the payment is done and I delivered your order you can edit as much as you want as long you keep the credits intact. If you use my CSS/coding for another theme please credit me.
  • Discounts outside its season aren’t accepted.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute the theme I made for you. I keep the rights on my coding and graphic content.
  • If you find any bugs in the theme let me know and I’ll offer full support. If you (or someone else) edit any of the files before asking for help I won’t be able to offer support afterwards.

Rules and regulations updated: 8/28/2013

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