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Please read the F.A.Q. in case you have any doubts regarding requests before any issues come up. If you can’t find the answer to your question here please contact me before the order’s done.

1. What kind of payment method do you accept?
Only Paypal. I do accept image accounts and logins as well but it should be working and I’ll test it before sending the request.

2. Do you accept split payments?
No. I do if I know you or have good references about you. If split payment is the only way you can actually pay and we’ve made an arrangement please pay on time or I won’t continue working in future orders. If you can’t pay on time let me know near the deadline.

3. Do you make themes for personal blogs?
Yes, they will have my signature on the header though.

4. Do you make professional themes/3 column themes?

5. I sent you an order but I haven’t heard back from you…
It usually takes me a day or two to answer the requests. In case I don’t hear back from you in a week I’ll try with other e-mails because Gmail’s been acting sketchy lately and sometimes my e-mails aren’t delivered.

6. Do you refuse taking orders?
Generally I don’t. If I can’t make your order it generally is because the pictures are very low quality. If that’s the case I’ll let you know and you can either change them or cancel the request.

7. If I make a request can you Google the pics for me?
No, sorry. That’s not my job.

8. Does my website have to be on line before requesting?
Not necessarily as long you let me know when it’s up and running.

9. Why don’t you make themes using flash?
Flash is such a pretty resource for websites, but unfortunately not every single browser and OS is built to be functional. Gadgets such as iPad, iPhones and iPods don’t play the animations correctly, and most of Apple laptops ask you to install Adobe Flash Player complements in your computer because they aren’t installed. But mostly, I don’t work with Flash because any website with mildly worked Flash is easily hacked.

10. Do you by any chance make themes for free now?
Not in the moment. Sorry!

*UPDATED 8/16/2015*

11. If I send you the link to a theme I liked, will you do something similar for me?
No, I don’t do copying.

12. Will you install scripts for me?
No, that’s what Softaculous is for.

13. Can you teach me how to use WordPress/Coppermine/Iconsort?
I will as long as I can. Keep in mind I do not have all the time in the world so please do not get mad at me if it takes me days to reply to your e-mail.

14. I sent an order, you answered me and I still had to send you some details, but you never got back to me. Why?
I won’t force you to send me all the details you have to send me. I also do not start orders until I have everything I need.

15. Can I send you an open order to save a spot for me in your future orders?
You can but that won’t save you a spot. I accept and make orders as they come, so if there are orders before yours you’ll have to wait like the others.

*UPDATED 5/9/2016*

16. Can you code this theme for me?
Sure, but it’s got an extra fee.

17. Can I buy a base theme from you?
Not any more.


Why Margos?
Margo Roth Spiegelman is probably one of my favorite literary characters from one of my favorite books I’ve ever read called Paper Towns by John Green. Don’t look at me, I love strong ladies and complex characters.

. . .