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I’m not sure if anyone is reading this buuuut TLDR; I just wanted to stop by really quick to let you all know that I’ll be back (like the terminator) in late August or early September. I still have yet to update my portfolio but I’m on it, I promise you.

Under the cut there’s an explanation for my very long absence for those interested.

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By Mari, on August 7th, 2022, under Web

New Onliner: Jamie Lee Curtis Archives

Still demos of my latest work for Jamie Lee Curtis Archives were added to my portfolio. Jamie Lee Curtis Archives is the best fansite dedicated to legend and overall amazing Jamie Lee Curtis.

You can now see the themes live by clicking the pics below or the stills on my portfolio.


By Mari, on May 1st, 2022, under Portfolio

New Onliner: Louis Knight Archives

There’s a new still demo of my latest theme for Louis Knight Archives, the first and only source for singer Louis Knight. You can check the live demos by clicking the pics below, or the stills on my portfolio.

By Mari, on May 1st, 2022, under Portfolio

New Onliner: Alanis Morissette Archives

I have updated my portfolio with a sample of the theme I made for Alanis Morissette Archives, the best source for Alanis online.

You can check the static preview on my gallery clicking the pic below or visit the fansite, which I highly recommend!

By Mari, on May 1st, 2022, under Portfolio

Orders closed!

Hi baby angels! I announced this the other day on Twitter but I am moving pretty.

Seeing how much I have left to do and that orders keep coming in I decided to temporarily close orders until June/July. As you can imagine events like these can take a toll on your time and my days only have 24 hours. I know, tragic.

I am doing my very best to deliver the remaining five orders in time before my move and I don’t want to keep anyone waiting for theirs for months anymore. That is why I am closing orders for now.

I promise I will be back and these three months off I’m taking will be used to improve certain aspects on orders and maybe bring something new.

Until then, I’ll see you around!

By Mari, on February 16th, 2022, under Web

New portfolio!

Hi there! This a new post to let you all know that I am moving servers and will gradually rebuild my portfolio.

Long story short my last host was a mess, and had to move with fresh new installs for the sake of my files and your computers and devices.

So yep, see you around!

By Mari, on January 31st, 2022, under Uncategorized