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Hello 2020!

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Posted by Mari on January 13th, 2020 under Personal

First of all, happy 2020!

Almost a year ago I last updated this blog. Time really flies. These past two years or so have been a never ending successions of life changing events, but you probably didn’t know I kept working and sending out themes.

Many things have changed, even WordPress and my own designing style has changed!

And even though we started 2020 with rough start I didn’t want to update the current orders (which I stopped updating circa June 2019?) without wishing you -whoever you are- a beautiful 2020 and my biggest wish is we improve and evolve as citizens of this planet

I am going through many changes at this moment and there are many more to come, but I am still here and as long as I can I will be working on themes.

And finally, I am currently updating some prices from the packages and will shortly update the packages I offer so they fit your needs. If you have any suggestions you can always contact me filling this form, or through twitter.

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