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Posted by Mari on August 7th, 2022 under Web

I’m not sure if anyone is reading this buuuut TLDR; I just wanted to stop by really quick to let you all know that I’ll be back (like the terminator) in late August or early September. I still have yet to update my portfolio but I’m on it, I promise you.

Under the cut there’s an explanation for my very long absence for those interested.

As many of you know I moved in April 2022, but not just a regular move but I moved countries. I am currently based in Denmark with my two adorable kitties, have a semi full time job (25h weekly) in a retail company and still do some freelance content management on social media. This literally gives me zero time to go back into coding and designing, which sucks because I miss it a lot.

House hunting in Denmark/Copenhagen area is pretty difficult, especially when you have pets as landlords are not obliged to take pets and the ones that do usually charge you with ridiculous rent prices and deposits. So the first few months were me basically going to work and then looking for an affordable and small studio apartment that allows pets… And I found it!

With that out of the way, I also decided to resign from one of my freelance clients, which gives me a ton more of time to work on coding and graphics as well. So once I settle down here at home (still have to buy a lot of furniture and home essentials) I’ll be able to open orders again.

In the meantime here’s a picture of my kitty drinking water and my two bebés sleeping on my their new bed. See you later alligator!


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