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Wordpress ThemesWordpress themes for blogs.
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Wordpress Media ThemesWordpress themes for video galleries and media sites.
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Coppermine ThemesCoppermine themes for regular galeries.
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Coppermine Media ThemesThemes for graphic vaults and video galleries.
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CollectivesCustom made collective themes
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MiscelaneaFront pages, custom made pages for fansites, linktrees and stuff that doesn't fit into one specific category.
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I do not own the images used in the graphics or themes. I make themes from scratch, meaning I don’t use other’s as inspiration. Every theme you find here was made by me, Maripy, and the images have been handed by the requesters. The premades have been made by me too, using pictures taken by different galleries. In case you have any more questions feel free to contact me or read the f.a.q.! Powered by Coppermine.