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Referral discount

How does it work?

Every time you refer your friend to me you will get a 15% discount for your next order, and your friend will have their first completed order 15% off!

If you don’t strictly want to use your discount in your immediate next order you can always keep it and use it later.

The following paragraph contains the terms of usage. Please, pretty please, read them carefully and if you have any doubts regarding the discount you can always contact me before sending the order form.

Terms of usage:

  • Referral discounts apply only for individual orders and can not be combined with other discounts or different seasonal discounts.
  • 1 friend = 1 discount coupon. Each discount can be used one time only. After usage the discount is completely unusable again unless you refer a new friend.
  • Referral discounts can only be applied after the referred friend has placed an order and paid said order completely.
  • Referral discounts can be applied to any package and cannot be combined into two packages sent in the same order. If you include two packages in one order I will automatically apply the 15% discount to the package with the higher price.
  • Referral discounts can be applied only after and if your referred friend has paid their order.
  • You can choose before me sending you your themes or order if you want to apply the discount or not in that order.