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Rules and Terms

If you want to order a theme please make sure to read these before doing to prevent any kind of issues.

Payment methods, required information and ordering:

  • The only two kind of payments I accept is money through Paypal. If you are based in Argentina I also accept MercadoPago as payment.
  • 50% of your order has to be paid upfront and before I start working on your order. This helps me secure the time I take to design and code will at least paid off part of it in case you decide to turn down the order or have to cancel it.
  • Before I start working on your theme I will e-mail you to let you know so you can send the first half of the final price.
  • Once I receive the first instalment of the payment I will start working on it. It won’t take me more than three weeks to send you the preview so please do not e-mail me asking me for the status of your order. If it takes more than three weeks I’ll let you know, if I don’t feel free to contact me.
  • When I send you the preview you’ll be able to send me the second half pay me. If I don’t hear back from you after a week I will delete all the files and theme.
  • The images you want me to use on your design shouldn’t be from Google Images. Preferably I like to work with HQ pictures but I also accept MQ pics with great quality that fits the size of your graphic.
  • To prevent any kind of issues, please specify everything you want and check twice for typos and what you want before sending the request.
  • In case you cancel your request before I send you the demos, only 5% of the upfront payment you made will be returned.
  • If you cancel your order after I sent you the demos no money will be returned. I do suggest you check my latest onliners and my work in general so we avoid each other the bad taste in our mouths and the disgruntlement.

Coupons, credits, seasonal discounts and referral discount:

  • Coupons only apply once per user and website each season.
  • Discounts outside its season aren’t accepted.
  • Referral discounts can only be applied for first time orders of the referred person. For more information please check this page out.
  • At the moment I am not offering free themes or credits to any fansite, of any kind, size, age, popularity or visit number. If you still want to shoot your shot you can always contact me and we can talk this through, but keep in mind this is how I make a living.


  • Once the payment is done and I delivered your order you can edit as much as you want as long you keep the credits intact. If you use my CSS/coding for another theme please credit me.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute the theme I made for you. I keep the rights on my coding and graphic content.
  • If you find any bugs in the theme let me know and I’ll offer full support. If you (or someone else) edit any of the files before asking for help I won’t be able to offer support afterwards.

Rules and regulations updated: 8/28/2013

Rules and regulations updated: 18/1/2020

Rules and regulations updated: 17/10/2020