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So many changes, so little time!

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Posted by Mari on October 17th, 2020 under Web

My last update was almost five months ago and haven’t been able to launch the new feature -_- . In my defence life has been pretty hectic these past few months and I have also been super busy with rl work because thankfully this p4nd3m1c hasn’t affected me much, which I am thankful for and I am aware of this privilege so I am not complaining at all.

Anyways, in these five months a lot has happened designs wise so I am taking this opportunity to make a few announcements, some are good and some are not that bad either, so drum rolls!!!!

As of today, October 17th, 2020, I am no longer delivering orders and finished themes without having at least 50% of the order paid upfront. I am also no longer starting orders if all the information isn’t available or in place.

As a former fansite owner and a designer I understand there are some beautiful pics one wants to use but the ones we can find are of very low quality or small. I have worked with LQ pics before and the results have been amazing thanks to the wonderful people behind the fansites who gave me freedom to create the best theme with the resources I was given after explaining why they chose the pics they chose and what they meant for them. But from now on unless you provide me with HQ pics (or we’ve worked together in the past and I know your work ethic), the order will not be accepted.

As of information goes, the following details have to be included in the order per se (or the follow up e-mail where I ask you for the information required):

  • welcome message (if any)
    ads information (if any, size, code or link to your hosting requirement)
  • menu (very!!!!!important!!!!!!)
  • if you need an area for latest pics or latest news, or both
  • if don’t you want featured images in your post (they’re added by default)
  • social media links (if any, how many and the handles)
  • If that information isn’t available by the time I reach out the second time I will have to cancel the order. It is not my job, or any designer’s in any case, to look for missing information or easily findable HQ versions of a MQ pic you sent. I will not google information or pics for you. If the pics are not suitable I will let you know and I’m sure we can sort this out.

    I am sure you can understand time is money and the time I invest in searching the information you should have given me in the first place is time I can’t take back and I won’t charge you because I’m not an a**, although I know I should. Please understand that my time is as valuable as yours.

    And now, we have finally come to the part where we talk about money. I don’t like talking about money and I do not feel comfortable asking people to pay for my services. That’s on me. Now, what I do like talking is about understanding that for many designers this is how we make a living or at least a side hustle that gives us a little extra to spend on stuff we like or need just like anyone else around the world.

    I opened this design service thingy in August, 2013. In seven years I have gone through the best and worst experiences when it comes to payments: from people who still owe me money from 2013 to people that couldn’t even get to use the theme I made them because life changes forced them to shut down their fansites but paid me anyways because they understood what it takes to custom make the themes (I’ll never forget that because it made me feel so appreciated so thank you!). I understand everyone’s financial situation is different but before ordering a theme or even think of asking for a free theme ask yourself: would you do that to Starbucks or McDonalds?

    It’s been seven years since I started this gig and in those 2.555 days I have even sent themes before I was paid because I choose to trust people, but today the realisation of people not always being decent and respectful anymore struck me. I choose this job and love to work on designs and I’m not picky when it comes to celebs I work with. But I will no longer take the disrespect of having my work and time not vaued, and neither should any other designer out there.

    I have recently been asked to work for free or even after delivering the demos been told they no longer want the designs and thanked me for my time and just as they came in, left. Etiquette, anyone?
    So, after dealing with this -pardon my French- bullshit for seven years sporadically I have finally decided that I won’t start working on the order unless 50% of the order is already paid. As you may know by seeing my FAQ and terms I only take money as payment because I no longer run a fansite or collect pictures of the artists I follow and like. My payment methods are Paypal (I charge in US$ but if you need me to convert it to Euros I can do it) or if you live in Argentina I take Mercado Pago as well.

    What happens if you end up cancelling your order because your financial situation suddenly changed? I will only return 5% of the original 50% you sent.

    So there’s that.

    As I mentioned before the cut there are some great news too that is I am offering a referral discount. If you direct any of your friends to me and they place and pay an order you and your friend will receive a 15% discount! Each discount can be applied to a single order. So, let’s say you refer your friend Mary and Mary sends an order and completes it you will receive a discount for your next order and Mary will receive hers for the current one.

    This only applies to new customers who complete their order (very!!! important!!). Any.kind.of.order.

    But hey, Mari. I referred my friend, right? And it took them a couple of days to send an order before I sent mine and now you’re working on mine! Did I lose my discount?
    No. You will always have the choice to either use that discount for your next order, or wait until your friends’ order is ready and delivered to pay yours and get your discount.

    Still, I’ll make a separate post about it in the following days – I PROMISE IT WON’T TAKE ME FIVE MONTHS but still don’t take my word for it, life is crazy.

    In the meantime make sure you check the discount page with the features and terms of usage. If you have any doubts let me know!

    So, that’s all folks! I will see you around since I’m tweaking some final details of the upcoming service. Smell you later!

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